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I have acura 3.2 tl 97 high mileage.I was going over a speed bump yesterday as car accelerated over speed bump some loud winding noise started.Placed in reverse same noise loudly.turns on just fine no noise while in park.will not move foward.Please help any suggestions.

You’re saying that it has no forward drive at all, even when you put it in gear? Can it roll while in neutral?

The only fix for this is a tow to a reputable transmission shop for diagnosis. This sort of failure usually means it’s overhaul time.

That sounds like it could be a bad CV joint. The inner joint is spinning where it is splined into the final drive of the transmission. Are you having problems moving the gear selector into the park position?? Is it still making the noise with the gear selector in drive or reverse and your foot on the brake??


No problems moving the gear selctor no sound on park the sound is in reverse and drive I had break pressed yes.

Try this, With the engine running and the gear selector in “D” hold the brake pedal with your left foot and tap the throttle with your right, look at the speedometer and see if it moves with the throttle being pressed. If it does move, the problem is either in one of the inner CV joints or in the final drive (Differential) of the transmission. If it does not move you are most likely looking at an internal transmission problem which would require removal and disassembly of the transmission.