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my transmission is leaking right at the flywheel area and making a whining noise whats wrong and how hard is it to fix

We need some basic information such as Year, Make, Model, Engine size, and how many miles on the vehicle. Automatic or standard transmission.

If this is an automatic, most likely the front pump seal and pump stator bushing needs to be replaced. Depending on what type of car this is, the pump could be venting fluid. How is the fluid level, is it overfilled/underfilled??


Hi, The car is a 1989 oldsmobile 98 with a 3.8 L and it has 163,000 miles on it. Its an automatic and the fluid level is always underfilled. Thanks for helping

To fix that would cost more than the price of another similar car. You may want to stert scouting for some deals.

Thats what i was afraid of. Someone told me today it might be something with a coil pack but i dont know much about that and from what you guys are saying i guess thats not got anything to do with it, is that right? Thanks again

Yea. A coil pack might make it difficult to start or make it run rough, maybe even loose power, but they don’t leak fluid at the flywheel or make a whining noise.