2012 Volkswagen Passat - Transmission is leaking

Transmission is leaking fluid.

Then you need to go to a good independent transmission shop to find out what’s wrong. It might be a cheap, simple job or a major headache, depending on the problem.


Thanks for letting us know, but I would have sought out a shop before posting that tid bit here. Like we can tell you where its leaking.


How much is it leaking?
Is it an automatic trans or a manual trans?
Have you replenished the lost fluid with the correct-spec fluid?

Auto and sealed.

Toyota says sealed too, Yet there still is a fill plug and drain plug. But the fill plug is a pain to use.

If it is truly sealed, I don’t see any alternative to having a qualified mechanic check the trans and re-seal it. Were you seeking a different solution?

Because so many VW dealerships have a reputation for high-priced repairs, most counties have at least one independent VW specialist who charges far less than VW dealerships.

There is no such thing as a sealed transmission, there is always a procedure to check and add fluid. You (and I) may not know what it is, but it exists.

Most auto trans leaks are comparatively inexpensive to repair. The one leak that could get costly is the front pump seal; a.k.a. a torque converter seal.
Seal is relatively cheap (10 bucks or less) but the transmission has to come out to replace it.

Generally speaking a converter seal leak will show up around the engine/transmission mating surface.
No matter the leak source, do not run the trans low on fluid or the repair cost of a new transmission will be much higher than a seal replacement.