transmission sensors for 1988 Benz 300 E

And, your question regarding those sensors is…?

my Benz idles fine but when you place it in gear it moves very little and shuts off was wondering about the transmisson sensor if that could be the problem are even if it has one are many

Put together a complete description of what is happening and ask these guys:

i am getting no hits off of my ? on that site. Do u think u could tell me if there is sensors and how many

I’m not very familiar with the “new” benz like yours, I really don’t know what’s going on with your tranny sensors (if that is the issue). The other forum will answer specific questions, but they don’t have much patience if they don’t understand the complete issue, try reposting there with a very clear description of exactly what’s happening and anything you have already tried.



Transman is being a little short. He’s saying that you car ain’t got no transmission sensors. Probably, all present-day automatic transmissions DO have several sensors in them.

This is a 20 year old transmission. The Mercedes 722.4 is governor controlled, therefore there are no electronics involved in the shifting. I would make sure you dont have a drivability problem first before condemning the transmission.