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Transmission won't engage

I just backed my 2000 Buick Lesabre into a pole at around 3 mph. Aside from the nice vertical crease in my bumper, the transmission would not engage after incident. I can move the shifter from R-N-D-3-2 etc, but transmission stays in neutral

Is it a safety thing to disable it from moving after an impact?

Will it go into Park and hold the vehicle from moving? Have you visualized the shifter arm on the transmission moving when you move the shifter inside the car? Can you start the engine? Have you checked the transmission fluid level with the engine running?

Get back to us with the answers and we can take it from there. Hope to help.

The car will go into park and hold the car from moving. When shifting to reverse or drive nothing happens (doesn’t engage) and the transmission must be moving to neutral because I am able to push the car from all gears except “Park”. The engine starts like normal, and the transmission fluid is fine with the engine running. There is a new sound coming from the engine when running. It is apparent at a 5 -6 second interval.

The next step is to measure the line pressure of the transmission in Park, Neutral, Drive, and Reverse.

I suspect a damaged quill or its engagement that drives the transmission oil pump. If the sound is a buzz at a 5-6 second period, that might be the quill splines slipping at either the torque converter or the pump drive. So if this turns out to be the case, the problem was probably not connected with the 3 mph collision.

Hope this helps.