Transmission woes in Atlantic Canada

I?ve got an odd situation that requires a little background. I have a manual transmission 1994 4WD Toyota pickup, the transmission of which was doing fine with 200,000+ miles on it. Foolishly, I had the tranny fluid changed in preparation for a big (3400 mile) trip.

Thus began a series of misadventures. After the (first) fluid change, I had had trouble shifting when the transmission was cold. After (two) fluid changes, it was just as bad if not worse. A third change revealed that the transmission a) had the wrong type of fluid and b) was overfilled such that it ?glopped out? when they tried to check the fluid level.

With the proper fluid and correct level, the truck behaved much better and I set off on my trip. By this time, two Toyota-savy guys had looked at the transmission and clutch and said that (once cleaned up) everything looked great.

Along the way I noticed two things, which have continued after my arrival (so during highway and in-town driving). They may or may not be connected to the previous mess:

1) At low RPMs, the truck starts to lurch slightly (I don?t know how else to describe it ? like being jerked forward, but not that hard). There is no change in the engine sound, and the lurching resolves with the addition of a little bit of speed. It also seems to get worse if I?ve been driving longer. This does not occur if I shift in such a way that keeps the RPMs above, say, 1000-1500.

2)When accelerating, the truck speeds up noticeably between ~2500 and 3000 RPMs. This happens with constant pressure on the gas pedal. I can feel the sudden (but not violent) acceleration when it gets to 2500. It?s as if I have more power in the upper RPMs than in the lower range.

My trip took me to the Canadian island of Newfoundland (yeah, you?ll probably need a map), where I?m now a graduate student with no money. I?ve not found any certified Toyota guys locally, aside from the dealer. I don?t need a graduate degree to know I can?t afford that.

What I do need is to determine what?s happening with my truck and if I can even afford to get it looked at, much less repaired.

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