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Transmission warning after changing battery

2016 SE hatchback

I knew my battery was getting towards the end of its life, but it sort of left my mind working from home now. It was completely dead today so I switched it out and immediately got a transmission warning. Little wrench light and the CEL. I drove it around the neighborhood and it seemed ok, maybe a little “off.”

Googling around I found some directions about resetting the transmission with a switching between N and P. I did get a message that said “transmission ready” however, I also got the transmission warning right after that. But, my CEL went away and the wrench remains. Drove it again and it was mostly fine, but a little off. I could feel it shudder/skip a bit when I’d brake.

I see this battery/transmission issue is a thing, but not quite sure how to handle it from here. Any ideas?

Drive the vehicle for a while.

It may take some time for the computer to relearn the transmission shift points.


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Thanks. I’ll go out for a spin in a bit!

Hmmmm, so I went out for a little drive. About 40 miles at various speeds. (No highway)
35 miles were uneventful, however on my way back driving about 55 twice it revved high before falling into gear. TCM?

This morning I decided to get the codes and the scanner said there were two but when we went to pull them it said none were found. We cleared and the dash warnings went away. Test drive (about 12 miles) went perfect. So we’ll see.

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