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Transmission to make a long trip?

I have a 99 Honda Accord with 172K miles on it. In the last couple months it’s started slipping more often than when the problem first started about 4-5ish months ago. It tends to lurch when I start going again from a stopped position and I’m also now noticing it lurching a bit when I go from a slower speed to a faster one while driving…it’s more noticeable going from a faster to slower speed when driving. So it tends to lurch most from a stopping position and also when slowing down while going moderate speeds like 40 or 50 mph. I took it to a shop and they said it’s in the begging stages of failure and that I can either rebuild the tranny or drive it until it dies, but that it will die eventually. My question is since it’s slipping, is it still ok to drive on longer drives? I was considering driving about 7 hours to see my family in a month or so and I’m not sure if it’s worth the risk of driving it that far. I want to buy a new car, but there’s more Hondas around where I’m from originally and I just want to get a decent used one since it will cost more to fix the transmission than the car is worth. Thoughts about driving long distances with a slipping transmission???

Would I do it? No, nay, never,nada.

I would suggest a rental car for peace of mind.

i wouldnt drive it far. what color is the fluid black usually means slipping clutches but really theres so many things that can go wrong with them from worn parts to adjustment. if its not slipping real bad i might make short drives knowing that its probably damaging a already damaged trans and go easy on the gas. getting a used trans from the junk or scrap yard is always a option too alot of times they warranty them to work thats the option i always take but unless you do it yourself you have to pay someone to put it in and depending on what they give you it may be more than once. i did have to redo one once but its the price you pay for choosing this route.

Not me, not even with a good cell phone. @ok4450 is right, rent a car for the trip. Keep the Honda local until it dies. You can decide what you want or need to do, then.

also having it rebuilt by someone who knows what there doing is almost never worth the price unless your dealing with classic cars, rebuilds, newer cars ect. especially on older cars like you said the rebuild is going to cost more than the overall car will be worth

I wouldn’t drive it either unless it is with cash in hand to buy a new one and you’re prepared to leave it half way there and take a bus. Taking it out and back confidently would not be in the cards. I’ve never been a fan of buying long distance anyway so find something local now while the car still drives. You are wearing the clutches and soon it will just stop going or shifting without much warning, and usually at a stop light in heavy traffic. I’ve never had a transmission fail conveniently.

How often has the trans fluid been changed?
Change it and see if it does better.
I wouldn’t go on a long trip regardless

I think that the OP should first face the reality that the transmission is going to fail at some point–most likely in the very near future.

Now, let’s consider two possible scenarios:

Scenario #1: The transmission fails close to home.
Because the OP has (hopefully) already done his due diligence regarding the best transmission shop in the area, he calls that shop and has his car towed there for repair. The shop most likely offers to drive him home and the inconvenience is minimal.

Scenario #2: The transmission fails while on that long trip.
Now, the OP has to rely on the services of whatever trans shop in this remote location he can find in a hurry. It might be a good & reliable shop, or it could be run by people who are charlatans or scam artists. In any event, the interruption of the trip inevitably leads to a few extra nights in a motel, and a few extra meals eaten at restaurants.

@sas9382–If you were to choose between the two scenarios detailed above, which one would you choose?
Do YOU think that you should take this car on a long trip?

I thought the OP said he didn’t want to fix the transmission but wanted to buy a car far away because of the selection. Fixing the trans wasn’t in the cards. So if it failed 500 miles away it would just be a matter of calling the junk yard and getting a ride to the bus depot.

Don’t go east or west through Pennsylvania. Only I can do that with a bad transmission. I made it most of the way. I was hoping that the engine would fall apart too so we could get a real car.