Transmission shudder quick fix

my son recently took his 2001 ford pick up to a transmission guy after experiencing a shuddering when the gears shifted…the guy told him he needed a new transmission and when my son explained he was gonna have to come up with the cash first,he squirted some kind of lube into the trans and was told it would hold for maybe long enough to save up for the new trans…ever hear of this?

Yes. LUBEGARD makes a product called SHUDDER FIXX Perhaps that’s what he added.


wow…thanks for that lightning fast reply

I guess a lot would depend on exactly what was going on inside the bell housing to know how long of a fix he could hope for ,right?

Maybe this trans guy knows his stuff and maybe not. If he does not, a complete fluid change with Mercon V will probably fix this. The TC probably has a drain plug. If so, use it. If you want to do it yourself look here. Register and look in the Body of Knowledge forum. Go to a good independent trans shop if you don’t want to do it yourself. Remember, AAMCO stands for “All Automatics Must Come Out”.

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Maybe it was Lucas Transmission Fix. I’ve had good luck in the past with shifting problems on disposable cars.

Ok lets find out what might be fixable first. When was the last tuneup? Is the engine running steady or a bit off. The engine control and a poor spark can cause issues on shift and they are easier to start with than a trans rebuild. Newer engines even in trucks have issues with power control systems that can cause this. Just putting in lube fix may not fix it because a poorly running engine can balk at a shift. How many miles?

It does come highly recommended. Even my Transmission guy loves it. No luck with my shudder in my Grand Marquis

Note this is an 11 year old thread but that is quite common.

Before blaming the transmission I might suggest dropping the driveshaft and checking the U-joints. It’s often thought that U-joints can be checked on the car as they will be loose to some degree. Not so in all cases.
The grease dries out over time, the needle bearings start to slide instead of roll, and they develop flat spots on them. With the shaft out and the joints rotated by hand those spots cause binding which can be easily felt.

It’s been my experience also with 3 of my Fords that they are a bit particular about fluid changes. Lack of those changes can cause converter shudders; a.k.a. the rumble strip effect.