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2000 Grand Marquis Transmission

2000 Grand Marquis transmission shutters when driving. It does it sporatically when about 50 mph or above. I read in a filter catalog in a parts store that a fluid change to a specific fluid would fix this problem as it was common in Crown Vic, Grand Marqs and Lincolns. I asked a couple of shops/mechanics and they had never heard this and was reluctant to change fuild saying that it may do more harm than good.

Any recommendations?

Yes, the transmissions can be quirky on old fluid. Yes, you should change it and the mechanics are rehashing an old wives tale to you about doing more harm than good.

I agree with ok4450, change the fluid AND filter. Look in the pan real good for any type of debris whether it be aluminum, brass or steel shavings and clutch friction material. Let me know if you have an excess of any of these.


These trannys had an issue with “torque converter shudder” and changing the fluid was part of the fix…Ford had other fixes. Check a dealer for TSB’s on this subject…

I agree with the above posts. I would recommend a fluid and filter change, plus add “Red Lube Guard”.
This greatly reduced the problem in my '92.


Ford says that some 99-01 Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria vehicles exhibit a driveline vibration (which may be related to driveshaft, axle, wheels, or other components) above 45 mph. They've got a 4 page flow chart (in TSB 01-1-14) to help technicians sort it all out. A lot of it deals with driveshafts.


The problem with this transmission is insufficient transmission fluid cooling which caused torque convertor shudder . the condition only exists on part throttle3rdgear and fourth gear use due to lock up engagement. Any way how to fix is a full transmissionfluid flush with mercon 5 motorcraft brand only and i mean it ,also add an external cooler and that will take care of the problem . I have fixed severalk of these throughout the years in the auto trans industry .Advanced Transmission Ardmore Ok.

Thanks guys. I am going to try the filter/fluid change and use the mercon 5. I look forward to smooth ridin’!

You might also look at the bottom of the bellhousing and note if there’s a small round plug there. If so, this means the torque converter has a drain plug and between that and a pan drop you can probably get by without an overpriced flush.

The Ford dealers around here charge about 250 dollars just to flush one and they don’t even drop the pan for crying out loud. Ka-ching!

Lots of transmission die shortly after the fluid is changed. Of crows the reason is: No one changed to fluid until there was a problem.