Transmission shifts with hard crack

I have had problems with my 01 Lesaber Buick’s transmission. Recently and only intermitenly when i take off from a dead stop light or sign it will shift with a sudden hard crack. I took it to the dealer and they put it on the computer,but nothing showed up. So for prevenitive measure i had them change the trani fluid and filter thinking this might help. I have driven it a week thinking it solved the problem,but it did it again just the other day. I have just alittle over 100,00 miles on it. Can anyone tell me what it might be? Thanks

Not normal shifting? what else indicates not normal. Cracking could be CV joint or universal jiont noise.

It might also be a loose or broken motor or transaxle mount.

Did the dealer report finding any metal in the trans pan? Did they cut open the filter looking for metal pieces.When you service a trans thats preforming oddly you should look for things out of place (metal in the pan or in the filter is out of place,this goes for fiber pieces also)

Crack? I’m going to say it’s a ‘harsh’ shift. More like a hard ‘thunk’.

If the pressure control solenoid in the tranny is worn and not just picking up foreign matter in the fluid, it will shift like this for awhile and after you turn the key off and it sits for a bit before using it again, it will run ok until the next time it ‘thunks’.

Sometimes the fluid and filter change will fix it but as I too have found (with my 2000 Olds Silhouette) the change doesn’t last long before the harsh shift returns.

It only shifts hard on the upshift, not when the tranny is downshifting.

Mine has been doing it off and on for over two years now. Usually good for twenty or thirty trips then starts acting up for the duration of the trip.

The next time I use the van, all is good for another while. I plan on getting rid of it in the near future, that’s why I haven’t had the tranny opened up to replace the solenoid. It’s an expensive fix.

The garage didnt tell me if they found any metal in the pan or if they cut open the filter. Im going to ask about that . Yes it is a hard thunk when upshifting. Im going to ask the garage about this pressure control solenoid. The garage where i took it to is the dealership where i bought the car from and where i have always had my car serviced. I would like to trade it off,but living on a limmited income is very difficult. But I will also ask them to check out the mounts and see if that might be the problem. Thanks