Transmission shift problem

A few times a week, when starting a new drive, transmission does not shift out of the first gear. Can manually put it in neutral and back into drive with the motor running then it works fine. The transmission is factory sealed so I cannot check it. Please suggest my next step.

Can the Mercedes Benz dealer, or an independent MB mechanic, check it?

Have not asked. Do you suggest I ask the Independent I generally use first, MB dealer, or transmission shop?
P.S. When I stated it was sealed, that means there is no dip stick.

Yes, I understand there’s no dipstick. This is MB’s idea of progress. Sadly, there are more and more cars with sealed transmissions each year, and not just from MB.

I would suggest consulting the independent mechanic first, assuming this mechanic is acustomed to working on Mercedes Benz vehicles. Otherwise I’d say MB dealer.

A transmission shop would be my last resort with this car, unless, again, they are MB specialists.

Took it to the independent mechanic, he put it on his computer. He said the transmission was not generating an output, there must be something wrong with the wiring. He put it up on a lift, there was transmission fluid on the bottom of it. He ordered filter, gasket and fluid. Installed it shortly there after. It works fine now. To bad I had to pay $80. for computer check out that did no good at all.

Need year and model number of your MB to know which trans we are talking about. Believe me, ALL transmissions are capable of being topped off with fluid.


True, but without dipsticks, some are very difficult. The 2002 Ford Explorer has the check/fill port right above the exhaust pipe. Check it hot with engine running? Only with arm-length asbestos gloves!

What I thought was fixed leaked transmission fluid and got the same problem again. Took it back and the Mechanic was told late Friday to bring it back for check up Monday. Took it back for 2 days. The Mechanic replaced the Conductor plate, added transmission fluid, Electrical connector then billed an additional $544.55 and told me there was still a problem his computer still showed the system had. He could not translate it until Friday. The system shifts fine Most of the time however about 1 in 20 times after fresh start up, the system does not shift out of first gear. When that happens, I can move the manual shifter to neutral, after a few moments, put if back in gear and it will work fine.
The mechanic did not call me on Friday and I hope he find the solution that will help me. At least it does not leak any longer. Please suggest what may be wrong?