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Transmission repair vs. New Truck

I’ve got a 4x4 2002 Ford Ranger Extend Cab with a 4.0 Liter. It has about 75,000 miles on it and I need to get the transmission rebuilt. The truck is worth 4,500 on Blue Book. Is it worth it to fix it or just buy a new truck?

What’s the overall condition of the vehicle? Does it meet your needs? Have you considered a boneyard tranny?

How big is your wallet?

I had a 98 windstar and the tranny went. I asked online and found out that the tranny on the van was the same as the ones in Taurus’s, a much lighter vehicle. Plus, it had lots of alumimum parts. Point is, it was bound to fail and probably fail again after repair. If I were you I’d check around to make sure this wasn’t an issue. Check Ford’s site for any recalls or possible notes on this problem. If it’s a recurring one, Ford might offer something.
Also, I fixed a tranny on a 94 Dodge van. When it broke again I called Dodge and they WOULD have helped me but I hadn’t had the repair work done by an authorized shop. So if you have work done, look into that angle as well. Hindsight 20/20, I’d have been better off having my local Dodge dealer put in a rebuilt tranny. Dodge would have replaced it.
Good luck.

The overall condition is pretty good. I try and keep good care of my vehicles. My wallet size is prett slim, however. If I do decide to get something new (new to me) then I’d like to get a truck/suv which gets pretty decent gas milage.