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Transmission rebuild for 3rd gear shudder for 2005 Saturn Vue?

I have a 2005 Saturn Vue (2WD, V6, engine and transmission from Honda as I understand it). A few months ago, I noticed that the Saturn experiences short rumbling at low speeds - a little like driving over a patch of bumply road). One shop, where I took it for an unrelated issue and where I did not raise the matter, recommended a transmission rebuild at over $3,000. To get a second opinion, I took it to another shop, which said the problem was third gear shudder and also recommended a transmission rebuild at a slightly higher price.

Is this problem something that you can live with? Or is it imperative that it be repaired right away? When I asked about it, a person at the second shop wouldn’t say that it had to be taken care of but said that it could lead to other problems later on. I have not noticed any worsening of the problem, and there has not been any warning lights from the vehicle about it. I’m reluctant to spend so much for repair on a car whose value isn’t that much more than the cost of the repair and which may be starting to break down in other areas. I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.

Just be glad you did not buy a 4-cyl with the variable CVT trans… YIKES !!! As for you, have you taken it to a real trans shop?? Not a mechanic who also does transmissions?? $3000 is actually cheap for a rebuild of that trans

I can name you several things that would be causing the shudder, unfortunately everything related to this shudder is going to require removal and disassembly of the transmission. Take it to a good independant transmission shop, not one of those large chain shops. Are you sure its 3rd gear and not the converter clutch?? Who diagnosed it??