Transmission Rebuild Features Available In Park Help 2007 Impala

I rebuilt my transmission 4T65E in my 2007 Impala. put it back in and put it all back together went to test it out and no crank no start. Noticed it says “features available in park”. No shift indication box on the gears.

Things I’ve tried:
Code read: 0
Re-adjusted the shifter cable. - actually put it in park still no indication
Made sure my grounds are all correct.
No Wires eaten by rodents.
Tried shifting in other gears with shifter and manually by the range switch.
Replaced every relay.

any insight would be helpful.

I have ordered a multimeter and a battery maintainer for further testing .

Things I think it could be
Failed NSS
Incorrect placement of NSS roller.

Anything else please let me know .


I just did a code read and this is what I got 30 codes. Can anyone confirm if this looks like it’s the BCM or is it the TCM I think it’s BCM but I saw TCM error once and thought w
Either the TCM is causing the BCM errors ot its the BCM causing both.

I am wondering if the TCM isn’t recognizing the transmission as being the same one as before. You likely need someone with a GM Tech2 scanner or equivalent to reprogram it.

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Did you plug the transmission range sensor back in?


i agree with this

yes i got a whole new harness and made sure.

The code reader’s messages suggest the basic communication link between all or most of the car’s modules isn’t working correctly. That’s the same communication link as you plug the code-reader into the OBD II port, called the CAN bus I think. It appears the path works between the code reader and the powertrain module, so that’s a good start. I’d guess the problem is either where that part of the harness connects to the transmission, faulty connectors, faulty termination method, etc, or what seems more likely that the transmission module software isn’t configured properly for what the other modules are expecting in their query/reply formats.

Suggest to focus on getting that to work first. The rest of the error messages may then go away.

This sort of thing happens when reconfiguring desktop PC’s too. There’s a ribbon cable that has to be placed on each of the PCB’s in a certain order, and the last one in the chain sometimes has to be treated differently than the others, b/c the other PC boards have to know which is the last one in the chain. Poster @MikeInNH likely knows more about this , at least as far as desktop computers work. I at best have a vague memory of having to switch the order of the ribbon cable connectors around in order for the PC to boot correctly.

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