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Transmission problems with saturn

i have a 2003 saturn vue 2.2 liter engine that suddenly blew all the transmission fluid out the back. it looks like it is on the top of the transmission around some bolts up top on the drivers side, not on the bottom. could this be a seal or has the transmission blown?

Whether the transmission is wrecked or not mostly depends on how long you tried to drive it with low/no fluid. You can wreck it in a matter of seconds without fluid.

Other than that, the fluid loss is most likely from the catastrophic failure of a seal, gasket, or cooler line. This does happen. As long as you didn’t burn up the transmission trying to make it go with no fluid, normally whatever failed can be repaired, the transmission refilled, and you go on your way.

This could be relatively cheap and easy - as would be the case with a ruptured cooler line. Or it may be more expensive if the whole transmission has to come out.

What you need is to have it towed to your best, local transmission specialty shop - not a general mechanic and not a corporate chain.