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Transmission problem

I have a 2000 328i with an automatic transmission. It has about 126,000 miles. Recently, the car has started to shift very hard into 5th gear, and the engine strains. I also noticed that it gets lousy mileage in 5th gear now. My mechanic replaced the fluids, but it hasn’t helped.

Any suggestions, or do I need a new tranny?

Is the car worth the price of a new tranny?? Maybe you should have a BMW specialist check it out first…

I haven’t even started to price them yet, so I don’t know :frowning: My mechanic is a BMW specialist–that’s all that they work on…I have a feeling that will be my only option. Just wanted to know if someone else had experienced this. My husband has a '94 with more than 350,000 miles, and he’s never had major transmission problems. Oh well!