Transmission Pan leaking Mazda 626 2003

Hi. I was just told that I have a leak from my Transmission Pan and with a Steam Cleaning of the underside of the engine, and then to fix the gasket it would cost close to $960. Does that sound about right? It sounds incredibly expensive to me. I was told the steam cleaning is $120 and that is to ensure it is just the transmission pan and not my power steering fluid. I have no leaks showing up on my driveway, that is for sure. Any advice is welcomed.

No visible leak on the driveway, and how does the level look? $960 to replace a transmission pan gasket is highway robbery. And I would not steam clean the underside. At $120, that, too, is way too high. Run away from this shop. Is it a chain shop?

Right! My Toyota Corolla has a miniscule oil leak from the pan; nothing on the drivewy or garage floor. The DEALER wants $450 to do the same thing for replacing the gasket to stop the leak., This shop’s rate is $115 per hour.

Stay away from the shop that gave you that bogus information and never darken their door again. Tell your friends and family as well. Sounds like a chain shop to me.

If you don’t have fluid on the ground you don’t have anything that needs fixing now.

After your car has been driven 7 miles or more, park on level ground and check your transmission fluid level. As long as your fluid level is ok you don’t need to fix anything.

To show how ridiculous the price you got was, call a well rated independent mechanic and ask him what he would charge to drop the pan and replace the fluid. He may tell you you don’t need to drop the pan because your transmission has a drain plug but tell him you would like it done anyway. I am guessing his price will be under the $120 they want to clean the bottom of your engine. Changing trans fluid is good maintenance anyway.

Thanks to all for the feedback. Interestly enough, this is not a chain and they received an “Readers Poll” award almost every year. I know they are expensive for basic items such as basic oil change runs around $65, but not that outrageous. I will take the advice given.

Find another shop. Those prices are outrageous.

And, monitor your fluid level. If you’re not losing any, ignore everything they told you. Monitoring your fluid levels, all of them, is a really, really good habit to get into anyway. It has saved me tons of money over the years. I find problems at their very beginning rather than when they finally cause catastrophic failure of a major component.

Thank you! I checked the fluid levels and they are not dropping. I will keep an eye on them too, much more diligently.

Sincere best. You’ll be fine.