Transmission or Something Else - '94 Chrysler Concorde


My '94 Chrysler Concorde began making a loud, high pitched whining sound tonite; in addition, the automatic transmission (on the floor) seemed very loose and hard to engage. I had the transmission rebuilt 4 years ago (car had only 52000 miles on it). Does this sound like the tranny or something else? Also, is it normal to only get 4 years of use (less than 10,000 miles/year) out of a rebuilt transmission?

Thank for any responses.


Well, it could be the tranny… These cars are known for transmission problems. No way to tell from your post–I’d suggest taking it to a competent shop that offers free testing–and if it sounds like they’re feeding you BS, take it to another for a second opinion. A rebuilt transmission should last as long as an original, but of course it all depends on the skill of the rebuilder, and the quality of materials used. With all this said, I’ve got 230,000 miles on my 94’ LHS, which has the same powertrain. And yes, the tranny was rebuilt on it, then again under warranty. Good luck.