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Transmission or new car?

My 2003 Mazda Protege 5 needs a new transmission ($2300+) and I am 1) sick of spending money on it this year (in the last 10 mos.>$3600, and 2) risk-averse to buying a new car, because I don’t have a steady job. What should I do?

You answered your own question. Without a steady income a new or even a used car is out of the question See if you can find a shop that has access to used transmissions that might get you by for who knows how long.

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Agree with Volvo. This is a bad position to be in. A used one is your best bet. Another used car in the $2300 to $3000 price range is just a big a risk as the Protege is. I.e. it might be a money pit, too. Most any old car is going to cost you more in service than a new one. But a new one is going to cost you EVERY month in car payments but at least there are far fewer surprises.

Moot point if you don’t have a steady job that allows you to get credit at less than super high, Loan Shark rates.


Thanks for the input. BTW, I have income, it’s just free-lance. Elected to
replace the tranny in my car, since I know it’s maintenance history.

One makes decisions based on experience; statistics; and personal preference. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But, based on what you told us, I’d say you made a good decision based on current circumstances.

I got interrupted to help my wife fold sheets before finishing.

When a big decision comes up, I always ask myself, “Will this be the biggest mistake I ever made?” If not, I do my best to sort it out and then make my decision.

The biggest mistake I ever made was in October 1966. Don’t ask.

It is unlikely I will ever make that big a mistake again, and as I survived that mistake, so I will survive lesser mistakes.

There is always a chance that car will go a long time now. And, there is also a chance something else expensive will happen soon, and the new transmission was a mistake. You will probably survive. Do your best and don’t lose sleep over it.

I find it humorous, that you don’t want to say WHAT your biggest mistake was, but you say when you made it

I’m probably way off base, but those dates make me think it may have something to do with the Vietnam War

I didn’t ask what your mistake is, so don’t bother telling me “Don’t ask”


VN would have been better. You got to shoot what tried to kill you. hee, hee.


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Thanks for the input! I felt a little less alone making a $2K decision…