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Transmission on my elderly mothers car is siezing

Automatic car… gears locking up… speedometer not registering…and idling super high right after a can of Freon was put in my moms car… now I know the two are not directly connected!! But is there anyway that the can of Freon adversely effected anything that can trail back to the gear siezing!! It’s just weird that right after the Freon went in… she automatically drives the car and not seconds later the gears, speedometer, and idle begains to go outta wake!! Please help!! I’m a chick and don’t know crap about cars!! And my mom is elderly and I don’t want her to get stranded

Both events are completely unrelated.

I mean I knew that it just seems odd… that’s all she only drove the car for 15 mins and that was right after the can of Freon went in thanks though!

You keep mentioning “can of freon.” Who put this can of freon in, and why did they not perform a proper air conditioner service?

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For all practical purposes she is already stranded. The next step is have a repair shop look at it for about $100 to $125 and give you an estimate of what it needs and the approximate cost. Then you have to decide if it is worth doing.

If it needs a transmission and air conditioner repair for a Neon that may exceed the value of vehicle.

Is the Check Engine light on?


What does this mean? What exactly is the car doing?


I wish that the OP would tell us exactly what “gears locking-up” means.