Transmission not shifting

Transmission would not shift automaticlly, but would shift manually, now will not shift at all, however will move in reverse?

Thanks for the report.

Seriously - how is anyone supposed to say anything if you don’t tell them anything about the car. Do you even have a question? What year is it? How many miles are on it? What is the service history of the transmission? Is the check engine light on? Did you check the transmission fluid? How does it look & smell?

It probably doesn’t matter b/c the most likely answer is that it needs to land at a local shop that specializes in transmissions for diagnosis.

1996 Grand Prix 2.4 L
103000 miles
engines codes p0441, and a misfire code

And have you actually checked the transmission fluid or what? And has it ever been serviced?

The evap code (P0441) doesn’t have anything to do with it, nor would a misfire code (though there are quite a few of those so reporting the actual code is best).

However, there probably are error codes in the transmission that standard OBDII scanners won’t get. For that you need the local transmission shop.

But at least check the fluid level. If you have sprung a leak you could certainly first get some shifting problems and then little to no movement at all. If you find the level very low you might be able to add enough to actually drive it to a shop for evaluation.

If your fluid level is good then you need a tow truck - I’d junk yard or transmission shop are the choices.

Check the fluid level, and smell the fluid. If the fluid is full and it smells at all, the transmission has overheated at some point. They do that easily, and it is usually fatal. If so, given the level of failure, the transmission is done. You need to decide whether to replace it or move on.
If the fluid level is low but smells neutral, add fluid and see what happens. Hopefully that is your problem.

Burned transmission fluid smells somewhat like burned toast.

Trans is full, no burnt smell, and if an engine is not running at 100% the transmission also won’t funtion at 100%.
I was locking for someone who may delt with this problem and maybe would have some input.
car will move in reverse but not in drive, low and reverse are the same cutch paok?

Everyone who can’t or won’t buy a new car every three or four years has experienced a failing or failed auto tranny. I managed to kill four automatic transmissions while still in my teens (it turns out that you really shouldn’t light the tires up at every other stop sign).
As a car owner I like to know what the problem is before I hand the keys and car over to a shop that now owns my car until I pay the price of whatever repair is allegedly needed and was allegedly performed.
As a consumer of car repair, you must have some knowledge going in to protect yourself from outright fraud.
If the fluid is full, then you need a new or rebuilt transmission. The burnt smell would just have confirmed that the transmission failed because it overheated, which is very relevant because there would be a reason apart from the transmission WHY it overheated. In your case, the transmission did not overheat, it just failed. If this car is worth the investment of a couple of thousand dollars, replace the transmission with a new one.