Transmission not pulling

I have a 4 cylinder 2000 Ford Contour 133k miles

Ive only driven the car for about 2 months, Ive never had an issue with it until yesterday other than an occasional hard shift when driving the car hard. Yesterday when I dropped the car in drive it wouldnt pull at all, I sat in my apartments parking lot contiually reving the car high in drive but it wont do anything, its like the car is in neutral.
Reverse works and I can drive by manually shifting from first to second and then putting the car in drive, but if I put it into drive before reaching 3rd gear it jumps back to neutral.
I checked the linkage, and the lever it connects to on the transmission; when put into drive the position of the lever coincides with the neutral position.
I called a few local transmission shops and they diagnosed is as a broken sprag, but from reading online it seems like it could be a clogged transmission filter or a faulty transmission range sensor.
Prior to this issue I would sometimes here a whistle coming from under the hood when driving, I didnt know until today that a whistle is indicative of a vaccum leak, but wouldnt it throw on my check engine light?
I have checked my transmission fluid, its at the correct level and is a nice cherry red, it doesnt have any bad or burnt odor

I am happy to provide any more details as I am desperate for help and will LOVE YOU forever for ur assistance as this is my only car and daily driver, manually shifting everywhere I go is a definite pain and sometimes 3rd doesnt catch right away which Im sure could lead to even more problems. Thanks in advance <333333

Unless I miss my guess, this is a Continuously Variable Transmission. And it’s belt driven.

I hate to say it, but you’ve going to need a specialist… and a banker… for this one. This is not something you’re going to be able to fix under the shade tree.

If I’m wrong about the CVT, I apologize.

The Ford Contour was made with the CD4E transmission, which unless Im mistaken doesn’t appear to be a CVT.

I hope this is the case. Thank you for your reply and if you have any more insight to offer it’d be greatly appreciated.

I could be wrong; Im no car wizz, Im just using the internet as an aid <3

I know the 1997 used a CVT. I think the Wikipedia list is only for new cars.

Having said that, I’m unable to help anyway. Sorry.

If you scroll it also listed old cars; but like I said Im still not certain about it not bring CVT. Thanks for your time and I am open to any suggestions <3

U manually select 1 and u go, than 2, than 3 and than it will also go into OD as well? Or don’t u use OD in town driving? U did not mention OD so I just assumed it worked ok

The transmission in Contour is definitely not a CVT, I don’t think Ford offered a CVT in a U.S. spec car until the Ford Five Hundred came out in 2005. If you’ve only had the car for 2 months and the fluid looked new, then I’m inclined to think that the previous owner/dealership recently changed the fluid prior to the sale and it’s possible the car went 130k miles on the original fluid. In which case the damage is done

When you start the car overdrive is already enabled, I noticed when driving last night it runs a little better (shifts more smoothly) with OD off; but still dropping it in drive from stopped makes it jump to neutral. I think the issue is the lever the linkage connects to (im assuming this is the transmission range sensor) goes to neutral when I put the car in drive from a standing position; Ive watched it be manually shifted from outside the car and the lever goes to the same position in drive as it does in neutral where I think it should be going to the same position it would if it were in first. It is possible the @FoDaddy, I surely hope that isnt the case :frowning: The prior owner was a elderly fellow who used the car as a daily driver; he had bought the car new from the ford dealership and I would assume from the neighborhood he lived in and fact he bought it new he probably had money and took care of it [just an assumption]; but I didnt get any maintenance records