Transmission modulator on a 92 mercury 3.8ltr

got a used, sat for a while decided to sell, 1992 (11/91) mercury sable ls with the 3.8 ltr v-6.

after driving for a while it would from time to time clunk in what souned like the front right wheel and the tranny would slip a bit before catching

then it began to hesitate at stops when the accelerator was depressed

the day after it exhibited that behavior my father-in-law jumped in the car to take it to work as he put it in reverse to back out of the drive way the car went foreward

so now i’m thinking modulator but i would like to know if there is anything else this could be, and weather or not the modulator is external on a 92 mercury or internal?

any answers?

going forward with a selected reverse? there’s some index problem on the shifter or internal issue with the valve body. I’ve never even heard of this occurring.

If you’re referring to a vacuum modulator, it only translates vacuum to motion. It determines shift points. If you’re not moving, it does nothing. If bad, it would require you attain max governor speed to force a shift, just like you were flooring it.

well flooring it maybe not but giving it a lot more umph than normal to get it to move was what was happening the night before it moved opposite the selector

It doesn’t appear your transmission has a vacuum modulator. It does have a pressure regulator solenoid so the line pressure is probably modulated by the PCM. I would do the basics. Check the fluid level, odor, and color. As geeaea suggested, check the manual linkage adjustment. You might pull the codes from the PCM to see if there are any transmission related DTCs.

Get back to us with the results.