Mercury Mountaineer Transmission Stutters In Reverse

Why does my transmission stutter or hesitate when I backup? Does not do it in forward? If I really give it gas it will stop? 160,000 miles. Transmission serviced 4 times in life of car. Have had a complete flush of the tranny recently.

How does the transmission stutter and the rest of the car does not?

I know it’s really weird, the radio sounds perfect no stutter whats so ever.The horn sounds great also? But as I try to back there’s this little "Stutter/slippage in the tyranny? Plus the car has died 2-3 times when put into reverse? I’m thinking could it be a vacuum leak?(Vacuum Modulator)??

I guess this to be a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer with the 302 V8, 2 wheel drive, with the the 4R70W transmission. If so I would suspect wear in the reverse band, low pump pressure in Reverse only, or a problem in the reverse servo.

Vacuum modulators went away some time ago on transmissions.

It’s the 98 with the 5.0 V8. All I’m getting at the local garages seems to be getting the run around on what it could be. EXCEPT replace the tyranny. Maybe I’ll just drive it until something falls off or really Stuttttteeerrrs. HEY guys thanks for your input, I really appreciate it.

You should replace the tyranny. Democracy is much better.

If I recall correctly, the last car that was equipped with tyranny was the 1938 Studebaker Dictator.
The car just ignored the will of the owner.