Transmission Maintenance

A couple years ago, I had a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero’s transmission flushed at the recommendation of the dealer. I asked for the filter to be replaced as well, but he said it wasn’t necessary, so I passed. Lately, I have been reading that it appears replacing the filter is a good idea. When I first start the car and then step on the gas it has been pausing slightly before getting into gear. After the car warms up, it is usually better. Do you think I should have the transmission fluid drained and replaced and the filter replaced or is something much worse about to happen to my tranny? Thank you for your time.

I would have the transmission pan removed, the fluid drained and the filter replaced as well as new fluid. The problem with flushing is that it’s a shortcut and since the pan is not removed the filter cannot be replaced. In the future…insist on a filter change even if you decide to get the transmission flushed. With luck, the tranny should be OK.

Put trans flush in search and you will see do not flush over and over, just drop the pan and clean it and clean or replace filter. Be sure to use correct fluid. Check level by the book a few times over the next 2 weeks.
Do not flush!

Transmission flush = bank account flush. You don’t have the engine flushed when the oil is changed, treat the transmission no differently.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with flushing a transmission. The only issue is if this is done without dropping the pan and cleaning it along with replacing the filter first.

There is one reason why many dealers and shops do the flush only thing. Speed = Money.
Dropping the pan, cleaning it, etc. is somewhat time consuming and a bit messy.
Doing a flush only is quick and comparatively clean.

I always equate this to changing the engine oil and leaving the old oil filter on there or changing a fuel pump without changing the fuel filter. It’s not correct.