Transmission Maintenance


I have a 98 honda accord with 188000 miles. Lately I notice when it is cold, the tranny slips going from first to second. Once the car is warn, it seems fine. My question is do I try one of those tranny flush maintenance systems or just have the fluid and filter changed??


Have the transmission pan dropped and cleaned out, a new filter installed, and of course, get new fluid of the type specified by Honda. Don’t have it flushed.

However, you should be aware that this may not cure it and you may need a new pump.


I am afraid there is no pan to drop & no filter. I owned a 92 accord ,also a 2000 accord & now own a 2006 CRV and none of them have a pan or filter, just a drain plug, and this plug has a magnet attached to it which catches any filings etc. So just drain the trans. clean the magnetic plug off real good & install genuine Honda trans. fluid to the proper level.Have the trans. oil hot when you drian it. I think I used a 3/8 ratchet which will fit into the drain plug. Hope this helps.


You can change the fluid (Use ONLY Honda fluid) and see what happens. You cant change the filter on this unit because it is an internal filter. The transmission is a 3 piece case with no pan. The filter is only changed during overhaul. If changing the fluid does no good, then you are most likely looking at an overhaul due to the mileage. The fact that it acts up only when cold tells me that the clutch piston seals are worn.

Good luck.