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Transmission locked up

possible fixes

Just for our edification, can you define “locked up”?
And, it would be helpful if you told us whether this is a manual transmission or an automatic trans.

The model year and the engine type/size are also important details that you need to include.

1998 3liter 6cylinder 3speed automatic parked then would not go into any gear including neutral. also did not slip prior to this.143,000 miles on van

If you can’t move the shifter out of Park, check the brake light switch under the dashboard.

If you can move the shifter but it has no effect, the linkage might be broken.


A man of few words.

1998 3liter 6cylinder 3speed automatic Is that a 1998 Sunbeam, Ford Crown Vic or a Corvette

Sounds like locked in “Park” and the owners manual tells you how to deal with that, but who reads that stupid book anyways? It has absolutely no plot and it’s boring.