Transmission line spring clips

I need to replace the transmission cooler lines on my 2000 Olds Silhouette (4T65E, M15 transmission).

The fittings appear to be spring clip quick connect of this type of design: http://sho…0-605.html

The ends of the new lines are compression-type flares.

I have not dealt with these fittings before and just want to know what I am doing before I start. As near as I can tell you just pull back the plastic cap that covers the spring, pry out the spring clip, pull the old line out, insert new line, reinstall clip and plastic cap.

I guess that just looks too easy. No messing with the fittings? If I have all of that right, how likely am I to need to track down new clips? I suppose its smartest to just have them on hand?


I dealt with these fittings when I replaced the radiator on my 2000 Blazer a few years back. I think I unscrewed the fitting first then removed the clip and the line, but only because I was replacing the radiator and the fittings.

It is easy to lose the clip when removing it, once the clip is removed the line should disconnect from the fitting easily.

Note: Reattach the clip to the fitting before installing the line. With the clip in place, push the line onto the fitting and it should snap into place.

Ed B.

Some of the fittings are available at parts stores. The pinch clips are available from the Motormite/Help section as are some of the ends and female fittings. I have often replaced the quick connects with barbed nipples and used rubber hoses and hose clamps to hook things up. The quick connects are for ease of assembly at the factory and not for any convenience in the field.

I really dislike this fitting. I saw one Camaro with the boss on the radiator broken off because the person could not figure out how to remove the line and once I had one pop off and leak, seriously.

Others deal with this fitting with no trouble what so ever

Well, I suppose sometimes it looks easy just because it is. I finished this up a little while ago with success, and it is just that easy.

The only problem I had was that I thought I’d be “smart” and replace the clips (partly given EdB’s note about their ease of loss). So I bought a pack from NAPA (specifically reading transmission line clips). Well they were close but not close enough. Unfortunately, as I was having a hard time I just assumed it was me not knowing what I was doing. They didn’t get on the fitting easily; had to pry them back out a bit to get the new line to snap in; couldn’t get the dust cap back on. Luckily I hadn’t lost or damaged any of the OEM clips and none were corroded or anything. So I just tried one of those after the first NAPA clip and it was a piece of cake. I’ll whine at the NAPA parts guy when I take the other ones back.

So if anyone comes across this later looking for advice - do have new clips on hand. They are easy to lose. But get them from GM.

Thanks to all for the input.