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Transmission Level / Check engine light

On my 2000 Grand Voyager Van it is difficult to get an accurate reading on the transmission dip stick. Is it possible that the check engine light is on because of too much transmission fluid?

Not hardly. The process for checking the transmission fluid is to fully warm up the transmission by driving it around, park on a LEVEL surface. Keep the engine running, and check the fluid. Your owner’s manual should have this procedure in it.

I check the transmission fluid the proper way. The fluid is spreds out on the dip stick making it difficult to get an accurate reading. Could too much transmission fluid cases the check engine light to go on?

Very unlikely, unless maybe you have really filled it up and now it is all foamed. Is the car moving at all? Have the engine computer codes read by autozone or the like for free and post the numbers here. Don’t post what the counter boy told you to buy and don’t buy the part they tell you to get until you have figured it out on this forum.

I drive the all over.