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Transmission leaking..their fault or just coincidence?

I have a Volvo 850 (150,000 mi) that has been in the repair shop off and on for the last 3 months. $3000 paid to the mechanic went for brakes, CV axle shaft, tire rod ends, alignment, evaporator core and a new A/C system. After I got it back it was very loose and didn’t drive well. Back we go. Tie rod ends were re-done (n/c), another alignment and then $1600 went for a new steering gear and core. Take car home. Car then rattles under front carriage and sounds as if I’m dragging tin cans. Back we go. Bushings are needed and replaced-my cost and they did an oil change as well. Big mistake-I now have a leak that was never there before. Back we go. Now I’m being quoted $475 to fix 1) front of transmission cover gasket, 2) the camshaft position sensor(?) and 3) replace the oil trap and flame trap. Do I have stupid written on my forehead? Could any of this be related or have the stars aligned and my volvo is a bucket of bolts. I fear that paying $475 for what may be unnecessary repairs will only result in more “problems”. Help!!

Well, if its the cover gasket thats leaking then I dont see how they could be responsible. They might have damaged something when replacing the CV shaft and they’re telling you its the cover so they can get paid for the job. I would get a second opinion and see exactly where the leak is at.