Incontinent 95 volvo 850

Service comment at last oil change “oil leaks: valve cover gasket, oil filler cap, kv hose-from valve cover.

Signs of leakage also from rear main seal. Transmission fluid is burnt-slight smell & starting to discolor”

Estimated parts & labor to correct the problem = $1,900. I drive 2500 miles per year mostly short runs. Should I repair or just live with the puddle in my parking space?

I would, at minimum, replace the transmission fluid and keep an eye on all fluid levels. Replace your oil once a year, regardless of how low your miles are, given the operating conditions you drive under.

You may have a clogged or malfunctioning breather system- I wouldn’t expect an oil filler cap to leak oil unless there was excess pressure in the crankcase, which may explain all your other engine oil leaks.