Difficulty getting from 1st to 2nd base ('98 Honda Accord)



I have a '98 Honda Accord (automatic)

For the past month or so, every time I’m accelerating out of a dead stop the car acts up between 1st and 2nd gear.

The car will hesitate right before it shift, then rev about 1000RPMs and then shift to 2nd. It does not do this for any other shifts, only 1st to 2nd.

Is it the transmission going? Is it the Solenoid? or something else entirely?


Oh, I suppose I should let you know it is a Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder automatic. that might help. Duh


Check you fluid level. Check the color as well, it should be red. If it is brown or black, at least do a drain and refill with fresh Honda ATF-Z1 fluid, do not use anything else. If it is black, dow two drain and refills about 10 miles apart.

Next, look at the cable that goes from the throttle body to the bell crank on the transmission. When you move the bell crank on the throttle body, the bell crank on the transmission should follow it with no play. If the bell crank on the transmission has some slack in it, adjust it out. At idle position, the cable should not have tension on it, but it must not have slack either or you get that slippage between gear shifts.