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Transmission in Nissan Altima 2000

My Altima 2000 never had any problems, ever. Then due to bad care on my part the radiator got smoking a little bit. Just when I was about to fix it, the mechanics reported that my transmission is in a bad, bad shape, so bad that they suggested not to waste money on fixing the radiator. The “fix engine soon” light stays on. Somehow, though, I never noticed probably because I never felt any problems shifting gears what-so- ever plus I don’t drive that much. The talk with mechanics lead to conclusion that I should junk the car because the repair could cost $2K-$3K and that’s about the worth of the car at this point. However I noticed the used transmission with 1 year guarantee cost between $350 - and $700 and I’d be willing to fix it together with the radiator which would cost me about $450 to fix ( I already got the parts etc…). So I don’t know if I should go ahead with any fixing at all or no. Why have no mechanics mentioned a transmission replacement rather than the fix? Is it worth replacing it with 1 year guarantee from the used transmission sellers? Anyone had any similar experience please share. I use the car for pleasure mainly and can wait to figure out what’s best, it otherwise has been serving me really well so far.

Btw it’s 2.4 liter, automatic


I think you should find a new mechanic. If the transmission was working fine, then it is not shot. It might be possible that the cooling coil in the bottom tank of the radiator leaked allowing coolant to mix with the transmission fluid and that can quickly ruin a transmission, but if it drove fine when you went into the garage, then they can flush the transmission and get all new ATF in there and save your current transmission.

I have no opinions about the condition of YOUR transmission.
But I’d stay away from those cheap rebuilt transmissions. Transmissions are fairly complex, and I wouldn’t expect too much from such a cheap unit.
Get the fault codes read and post them, please.
It’s possible that the mechanics haven’t mentioned installing a cheap rebuilt trans because they don’t trust them. I wouldn’t. How can a shop stand behind the repair when they’re installing cheap

I agree about the cheap reman transmission. That sounds like one of those rebuilds where they throw a soft kit into it and call it good; meaning the trans gets new clutches and seals while ignoring hard parts, solenoid pack, and so on.

thank you guys! I am deciding against the used transmission installation. May just junk it… thanks again for your answers, really appreciate it.

Is the car in fine shape otherwise and paid off?
Perhaps it would be better off paying to get your car fixed. After all, you know the condition it’s in.
Another used car would be a roll of the dice, unless you actually knew that car’s history and preferably knew the owner.
2-3K sounds is a chunk of change, to be sure, but a new car would cost more, even if you did make payments.
Plus, cars that aren’t yet paid off (apparently, most people make payments) require expensive comprehensive insurance.
You already got the radiator, right? Why not install it (you could do it yourself and save money) and buy yourself some time while you weigh your options.

Your going to junk it without even an attempt to save it with a fluid change?