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Transmission Flush, am I in trouble?

I have a 2003 Mmitsubishi Eclipse, i’ve owned it for a year, bought it from a used car lot, not sure of previous maintenance, got a tranny flush today,is it going to ruin my transmission?


Better to ask this question before you got the flush. Nothing you can do now, but wait and see. There are stories about flushes gone bad, but not every single flush ends in disaster.

The thing was, is I just thought it was a CHANGE not a FLUSH. Didn’t get told till i got my receipt that it was a flush.

Didn’t get told till i got my receipt that it was a flush. A very good reason not to go back to whoever did that work (Dealer or quick oil change place?) It is possible that it caused problems, but not likely. BTW congratulations on trying to get the right work done. Far too many people totally ignore any service of a transmission until it is showing signs of a problem.

Just make sure your transmission fluid is full. A flush does not necessarily mean doom and gloom but low transmission fluid can. Always double-check the fluids after any maintenance.

If the transmission fluid pan was removed and the filter changed, you will probably be fine. Since the flush removed all the old fluid, if the filter was changed and the transmission pan cleaned, you may even be ahead. At the next servicing, all that you will need to have done is to remove the pan, change the filter and replace the pan.