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Have been told that car '97 Cadillac withover 110,000 miles should not have the tra. flushed. Is this so?? They say it is OK to change fluid but not to flush

If the transmission fluid has never been replaced until now, I’d follow that recommendation. Drain and refill is the preferred method.

This is true. Do NOT flush it.

The transmission pan should be dropped and cleaned out.
The transmission filter should be replaced.
The pan should be reinstalled, along with a new gasket.
The trans should be refilled with the correct amount and type of fresh Dexron fluid.

. There is a myth about about this. It goes along like: My father had the fluid changed and the transmission needed to be replace a few weeks later. Same thing with my brother-in-law and he got one of them transmission flush things."

What really happened is the same that may now happen to you.  It should have been done long ago.  I would be surprised if you are not now sensing that there is a problem with your transmission and want to go for the Hail Mary pass.  Go for it.  It might work for you.  But don't come back and say it failed because you got the fluid change.  If it fails, it will be cause of the fluid changes it did not get.

Follow VDCdriver listed to do it right.