Transmission fluid

I have a 97 Monte Carlo. I drive it around a few blocks, check the tranny fluid with the car running and add some. It doesn’t want to come to the full mark. I see no signs of leakage and recently had someone change the filter and supposedly fill it. Should I continue to add until it shows full? Is there anywhere tranny fluid can go except leak?

One place is the cooling system, if you have a heat exchanger in the radiator. If you open the radiator cap (when COLD), is there any odd look to the coolant?

Thank you, I’ll check and see

If you have a vacume modulator, it can be pulled through a leaky diaphram and burned. The other thing though is that driving it around a few blocks may not get it warm enough. It needs to be hot, not warm, and checked while idling in park. Add only 1 pt. at a time so as not to overfill.

Ok, so you dont see the fluid level going up, does the level go down?? Are you losing fluid but cant identify where its going??


Thank you. Didn’t notice radiator coolant looking bad. Will drive it for 20 miles and check it when it is hot.

How much are you adding each time?

Are you adding the transmission fluid by pouring it down the tube that you pull the dipstick out of?