Magic transmission fluid


My car is loosing transmission fluid. But there is no leak showing. No fluid dripping no sign outside the car. But every hundred miles or so I have to add a quater of a quart or so. I changed the filter and fluid less than a month ago. The car takes four quarts, Ive added almost six so far. And it still reads normal on the dipstick. Where is it going?


[b]If we knew what type of vehicle you were talking about, we might be able to provide you with a definate answer.



A common problem for this kind of thing is a leaky vacuum modulator. See if there is signs of fluid in the vacuum line to the modulator.


The car is a 2002 Toyota Celica. Sorry I didn’t tell you that.


Check the coolant in the radiator for the presence of transmission fluid. There could be a leak at the cooler in the radiator.


4 quarts of ATF, me thinks not. Almost all trannys take 8-12 quarts of ATF. Sure it is not engine oil you are speaking of???


Were you having this problem before your changed the fluid and filter, or only since then?


My guess is that he means pints.


I agree with checking the vacuum modulator line for traces of tranny fluid. That line goes to the intake system of the engine to use the vacuum to control shifting and if the diaphragm has a leak tranny fluid will be being burned.

I also agree that the make and model of the car would be an enormous help.


The transmission in my 02 Hyundai Accent only takes 5 quarts according to the manual.


It only takes 5 quarts to replace the fluid drained when you drop the filter. This is NOT the same as replacing ALL the transmission fluid. If a pan drop takes five quarts, you can bet that there’s at least five more quarts still in the transmission. Most of it in the torque converter.



I like the modulator diaphragm idea, it may be right. But if the modulartor is leaking, then you would probably see smoke at the tailpipe, at least while the engine is still cold.



I’m betting you’re not seeing a leak. Check under the car for the entire lenght. A leak can result in the fluid traveling the length of the car prior to dropping.


No, it takes about 2 to 3 quarts when refilling just the tranny. Entire assembly takes about 5 quarts - or maybe Hyundai got it wrong… you know they always print wrong stuff in the owner’s manual.