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Transmission Fluid Smell

OK, super random. I had my 06 Subaru Baja outside with my recently purchased transmission fluid, 5 quarts. Well, some punks dumped it all over my car overnight. I took it to the car wash, but it still stinks, and I think it got down into the doors. Does anyone know of anything to clean this up and neutralize the smell.

I feel that this is the one place that will have the answer to my headaches that I get while driving

Transmission fluid is just 10 weight oil with the proper additives. The only thing that will remove it is some kind of solvent, such as brake parts cleaner. You could purchase a couple of aerosol cans of brake parts cleaner and spray it into the doors in an attempt to remove the tranny fluid. If you try this, lay some rags or Oil-Dri below the doors to catch the run-off. Also make sure the drains at the bottom of the doors are clear so the solvent/tranny fluid can drain.


will head to the parts store this evening!