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Transmission Fluid low and won't shift to 1st

Hi. I have a 99 F250 superduty diesel, automatic. I recently noticed I couldn’t manually shift down to 1. Checked fluid, 3 quarts low. 2 questions: 1. When get oil change, don’t they check that if they say they check fluids? 2. Could it be the lever or is it the tranny. Oh, one more, Could the low fluid have caused this? Thanks!

It is the OWNER’S responsibility to check and maintain correct fluid levels. “They” may have checked it and it was full. Now it’s three quarts low.

Being three quarts low can cause all sorts of problems. Did the transmission work any better after you refilled it?

Some automatic transmissions will not shift to low under certain conditions, like when you are moving faster than whatever speed it is set for. As for low fluid; that can cause anything. They checked the fluid. Then, you have to check it twice after you drive it twice. The fluid level can take a while to show it’s true level. You have to run the shifter into all positions twice after a fluid change too. Some mechanics disregard that.

Hi. Thanks for responding.

I think when someone or a company says they are going to check all fluids, and they care charging $$ for that service, it is clearly their responsibility at that point to in fact check all fluids as they have said they would.

I doubt that transmission fluid could have gotten 3 quarts low in 1 month, especially given that after I filled it back up, I saw now leaks and also when I did get the fluid flushed, they found no metal in it.

As it turned out, I found an actual honest mechanic who adjusted the lever and it worked again, although that was short-lived, not sure why.

But, I will say, a huge, gigantic THANK YOU to all honest mechanics on this planet.

I have a friend who can clearly attest to the fact that there are many out there who will sell you things you don’t need at ridiculous prices.

Thanks again to your replies.