Transmission fluid disappearing

My 2007 Kia spectra is losing transmission fluid but not leaving a spot user the car where is it going?

There are many areas where it can seep out in small quantities. When the transmission is operating there is some pressure as well as a higher temperature. So the loss may be out on the highway somewhere.

Small leaks are nothing to worry about; most transmissions leak a little. Make sure you check it regularly and top up as required. See your owner’s manual.

The key part of this problem is…How much is it losing?
If you only have to add…let’s say…a pint per month, then this isn’t much of a problem.
On the other hand, if you have to add a qt every couple of days–as I did with my POS Volvo-- then it is a real problem.

I am not sure I understand why some here say that “…most transmissions leak a little…” or that adding a pint of fluid per months isn’t much of a problem. My cars have never been topped off on a regular basis unless there was a leak and it got fixed right away. Am I missing something?

Please don’t interpret my previous post to mean that I don’t consider it to be a problem.
However, if the OP’s trans is losing only a pint or so per month, it isn’t a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.

My POS Volvo–which essentially needed to have fluid transfused on a regular basis–was the exception to the rule with my cars.
Like you, none of my other cars have ever needed to have trans fluid added between their 30k mile fluid changes.

If fluid needs to be added, there is indeed a problem, but the amount that needs to be added–and how often it needs to be added–is the key to whether the OP needs to rush to the trans shop for repairs, or whether he/she can wait a few months, while saving up some money for a probable expensive repair.

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If the cooler for your transmission is built into the radiator, the fluid may be going into your engine coolant.

Let the car cool off and open the radiator cap and look in. Is it the color it is supposed to be? (bright green, golden, whatever this car takes) It should not have a reddish tint or have oily residue on it.

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Generally speaking, that is true, but Toyota coolant is pinkish-red.
Is Kia coolant similar?
I don’t know the answer to that question, but I thought that this was worthwhile to mention.

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Presuming this is an automatic. If the fluid is seeping out somewhere and evaporating from the engine heat so no drips, no big emergency as long as OP monitors the situation and keeps it topped off. However, if the transmission cooler is failing as mentioned by @Mustangman above , and the tranny fluid is mixing with the coolant, that is something that needs to be addressed immediately. Very expensive to fix damage could occur. Suggest OP has a mechanic test for that possibility with due speed.

The transmission fluid is not evaporating. Detail on the rate of loss or if only “added ATF” was checked on an inspection form.