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Transmission Fluid Container Falls Out - Mazda 626

3 times in 3 months, the entire transmission fluid container falls out of my car after a loud clunk. The dealer fixed this each time but it keeps happening. What is causing it?

Transmission fluid container? That would be the transmission. There is no separate container for the fluid.

Does this car have an automatic or a manual transmission?

I am going to assume that you are referring to the transmissions fluid pan.

Tell your shop to install the bolts the next time with RED loctite.
This will prevent the person who hates you, and keeps loosening the bolts on your transmission from doing so next time.

Also, stop being mean to this person.


You can’t be serious. Do you actually think the whole transmission pan has fallen off this person’s car three times, and the transmission still works?

Who crawls under a Mazda3 and loosens the transmission pan bolts? You can’t crawl under a Mazda3.

It’s likely we’ll never know what’s falling off mizziness’s car, because he or she will probably never post back, but I seriously doubt the entire transmission pan is dropping onto the pavement as he/she drives. Three times!

No way.

Could it be his coolant reservoir?

Hmmm…No model year mentioned, no odometer mileage provided, very strange terminology (transmission fluid container??).

At the very least, we have a communication problem here, both in terms of what the OP was told by the dealership, and in terms of what the OP is telling us and what he/she is NOT telling us.

For all we know, the mystery 626 has a rust hole in the trunk, and a bottle of transmission fluid has fallen through the hole on several occasions. As usual, there is just not enough credible information here to be able to provide a substantive answer.