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2004 (2.0 Mazda 3) Automatic Transmission Fluid

I have a 2004 Mazda3 A/T. It has 35,000 miles on it and it was time I changed the transmission fluid. I looked at the owners manual and it said I needed 7.6 quarts of transmission fluid. I drained the fluid form the car and it only filled up a gallon bottle 2/3 of the way up. So I decided to put in 3.5 quarts of new transmission fluid in the car and checked the level. The level was fine but I dont understand why the manual required 7.6 quarts? Can anyone help me?

If you did a drain and fill, you get about half out without going through a procedure to get the rest of it sucked out of the torque converter, etc.
I think that is what you did, with the results you note.

Oh I see. So would I need to turn the car on and shift into different gears? Wouldnt that damage the transmission if it is flushing out the fluid?

Thank you

No, the only way to get the entire 7.6 quarts replaced that I know of is with a fluid exchange machine, where the old is pumped out as the new is pumped in. What you did (drain and fill) is fine, assuming you do it every 35k or so, at least in my opinion. What does your manual call for in terms of miles and change type?

well the manual calls fro an inspection every 20,00 Miles. It does not necessarily tell me to change it at any specific mileage, but it does say to inspect, clean, repair or adjust, or replace if necessary.

The 7.6 quarts spec is the capacity after overhaul with the trans dry. Make sure you service this transmission every 25-30k miles by dropping the pan and changing the filter.