Transmission Fluid Change

I have a 04 Honda Civic with an automatic transmission with 104,000- it was bought used recently and not sure if the transmission fluid has been changed before but assuming not.
I have heard that you are not supposed to changed the transmission fluid if it has not been maintained at regular intervals (I believe 60,000 and then 30,000 intervals after the 60,000)
I would feel better if I changed it just for peace of mind but do not want to do more harm to the car. I do not noticed any problems with the transmission.
What approach do you guys think is best- just leave it or change it.

I also gave a 02 Cavalier with a transmission without a dipstick. The car has 58,000 (is prior salvage). The transmission is only supposed to be serviced by dealers. It does have a very slow leak. Should I take that into the dealer and get it changed or just leave it?

“I have heard that you are not supposed to changed the transmission fluid if it has not been maintained at regular intervals”

Whoever told you that gave you bad and wrong advice

Change it now, and the transmission may very well be fine in the long run

Or don’t change it, and you’re absolutely asking for trouble

Whatever you do, do NOT flush the transmission fluid

A simple fluid and filter change is quite sufficient. Make sure to use the honda specific fluid


This issue has come up a number of times, and I believe the consensus is do the change, as it probably won’t hurt, but failure may be imminent either way.

I don’t think failure is imminent…nor is it likely.

But replacing the fluid is a very good idea. The problem is that tranny’s life has been shortened if the fluid was never changed.

I’d assume that NO fluid was ever changed…and replace all changeable fluids.

If the vehicle doesn’t have the CVT it’s easy to change the tranny fluid.

You’ll need three quarts of of ATF-Z1 tranny fluid.

Drive the vehicle until the cooling fan comes on.

Park the vehicle on a level surface.

Remove the drain plug from the tranny and drain the fluid.

Reinstall the plug.

Fill the tranny with fluid thru the dip stick hole until it’s on the full mark.

The tranny filter?

There isn’t one.


I made the best decision. My car needed a trans service but I sold it instead. It was easier