Transmission conversion

My husband needs to convert his 67 MGB to an automatic transmission due to his recent amputation of his right foot. He has driven it for 2-3 months but rear ended my car in a parking lot. He no longer wants to risk hitting something more precious such as a child. So, is the conversion possible? Is there a company that specializes in the parts? My husband can do the work himself as he is a good machanic with an assistant.

Thanks, Sherrie

There were a few MGBs that actually came as an automatic. The basic B engine was used in other cars that had an automatic as a regular option. It’s certainly possible but you would have to scare up the proper transmission to make it easy. As an MG owner, I really appreciate these cars, but it might be cheaper to find a Miata with an automatic. Check with Moss Motors ( They have a lot of automatic transmission info as well.

Good luck!

There are also several MG discussion boards on the web where you can post this question and get some accurate information from people who actually know and appreciate these cars. Just google MG discussion groups.

I don’t know if an automatic transmission conversion is possible, but I would also look into converting the clutch or throttle to a hand control. I know there are specialty companies that do that type of work.

This is a relatively simple conversion if you can find the right transmission. You will need to replace the flywheel and no doubt the drive shaft. The automatic that BMC used was fully hydraulic so no difficult electrical issues. Should be a relatively simple job for a competent home mechanic. If you can’t get the transmission, you will have to fool with adapters, etc., which greatly complicate the job.