Manual to automatic

I have a 350z 2007…it’s souped up pretty well and its a manual. Built up transmission with stage 3 racing clutch…I want to change this vehicle to automatic …cam someone tell me what all I need to buy for this change ?

You’ll need a computer from a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

And that’s just the start.


This is a huge undertaking. Much easier to just sell it and buy one that you want.

Plenty of other 350Zs available. Sell/buy. Especially if you have to ask.

If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. Agree, sell and buy another with an automatic

I am sitting here in tears thinking about why someone would want to convert a manual to an automatic. I had 2 friends back in the 1960s that converted their 1954 Chevrolets from the PowerGlide automatic to 3 speed manual transmissions. Now that conversion made sense.

^My guess is bracket drag racing…

Okay , no I dont want to sell my 350z I want to convert to automatic…I can afford the parts if someone will tell me what exactly I all need for it

Unless someone has actually done this conversion all you can get is guesses. You might be better off finding what we used to call speed shops . Maybe a specialty transmission place.

My BIL went the other way converting an auto to manual in his 62 Fairlane but it had no engine or trans when he got it so just used what he had around. Still had to add clutch etc. and not easy, plus he’s got a lift.

I think the easiest way to do it is to buy a donor parts car that has been wrecked. You’ll need the transmission complete with sensors, driveshaft, cross-members and mounts, flexplate/flywheel, engine wiring harness and engine computer, steering column, shifter and linkage/cables, center console and interior trim, interior wiring harness, instrument cluster, possibly exhaust system, and a few other items I’m sure I’m forgetting.

The safest way is with a complete donor car standing by so you can see how it’s put together and also have all the parts you need.

Have you asked on a Z forum? As said, only someone who has done it would know all the tricks. Just about nobody does this, you know. Getting the electronics to work will be a trick, as will making sure the new tranny is mechanically compatible (will bolt up) and the interior parts swap correctly.

Does this car have a transmission control module? If so, you’ll need that. And it will need to be flashed to match the configuration of your vehicle. Likewise the engine control module – if that is separate from the transmission module – will have to be flashed to have its software updated. There may be issues with the ABS, wheel speed sensors, etc if you have that feature. Likewise if there’s a separate vehicle speed sensor.

I fully expect this is possible to do. I think the advice above to secure a donor car (already equipped with an automatic) for the parts is probably the preferred solution, both in terms of cost and time. But it can be done piecemeal too.

Edit: As first priority, I’d check with a dealership shop or with mechanics having expertise with this car and see if it is actually possible to effect the software updates required to make everything compatible. That’s probably going to be the biggest unknown. So start there.

If this question were asked 30 years ago, many here would be able to give detailed steps on what’s involved. Conversions like that are happening much less often these days, in large part because of the electronics involved.

I also agree that this conversion is a potential nightmare/headache, and it’s not a good idea

Sell the car and buy an auto trans Z

I just happened to be looking at used car sites and saw a 2007 350Z automatic with every option possible that had been a corporate vehicle for Nissan Houston office. 18000 miles for $20500.00-I think it would be almost that much to do the conversion the OP wants.

A swap might be feasible if you’re very mechanically inclined and able to sort through the issues that crop up; and there WILL be issues.

The job might be simplified if you can find someone who sells a performance transmission controller programmed to operate the transmission only. These are available for the more common Fords and Chevys but can be pricy; something like 1500 bucks maybe. (?)
Whether anyone makes something like this for a 350Z I have no idea.

With racing involved you’re also going to be looking at a high stall converter more than likely. The cash pile always ends up taller than what was expected.

ASE forgot to mention a radiator with a tranny cooler/warmer in it and the oil lines between the tranny and radiator. Also, the driveshaft and rear axle gear ratio may be different…Your speedometer and odometer may not read correctly…

If you MUST do this, buy a wrecked parts car from a salvage dealer or on eBay…It will be cheaper than trying to buy all the individual parts you will need…

This project will end up costing you some serious money with very uncertain results…

Count me in…trade it in for an auto. It can be done…but you will have more in it then replacing the entire car.

You need a Nissan forum. I am sure more folks who regret buying the automatic and want a manual would swap.