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Transmission and brake oil change

I received an A13 maintenance reminder on my 2015 Honda Civic. I am changing the engine oil for ‘A’ and rotating/balancing the tires for ‘1’, but the manual for the car states to change the transmission oil at 60k. I have 50k on my car right now. Can I wait to change my transmission oil after 60k or should I follow the maintenance reminder?
Also, I have never changed the brake oil on the car and the manual states to change every 3 years. I bought the car brand new in 2015 November. Should I change it? What can be the repercussions of not changing the brake oil every three years?

The chance of your brakes not working as they should when you need them the most . Brake fluid should be changed every 36000 mile or 3 years . Don’t know what A13 means but you can change the transmission fluid when ever you want but why not just do it all at once and be done with it.

I’d follow the maintenance reminder and change the transmission fluid now. If you do it yourself outside and it’s too cold, delaying until a nice day comes along isn’t too much time.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air. This can degrade your brake performance. Do the brakes feel spongy after a few hard stops? If so, the water in the brake fluid vaporized when the fluid got hot, and created a gas in the lines.

It’s Honda’s way of identifying which particular services are needed

it’s broken down into A, 1 and 3

then you look in the owner’s manual to decipher what’s needed at this time

supposedly, Maintenance Minder not only counts miles and time, but takes into consideration the way how car is driven, so I would suggest to follow the advised service