Should I change low mileage civic transmission fluid based on age of car?

I have a 2002 honda civic sedan, automatic. The manual says to change the transmission fluid at 90K mileage. The car only has 30K. Even though I’m nowhere near the mileage requirement, should I change it just because of the age?

I would for two reasons.

Honda automatics of the early 2000’s are delicate as crystal and excessive to repair.

Its good measure.

The Board consensus is to change the trans fluid and filter (not flush) every 30k miles. Make sure you use the Honda ATF fluid the Owner’s manual calls out for.

Ed B.

I think changing automatic transmission fluid every 30k miles is a good idea, regardless of what the maintenance schedule says.

It’s cheap insurance against transmission problems, and transmission problems are expensive to repair.

Use ONLY the Honda automatic transmission fluid. This is one of the few times I’d consider going to a Honda dealer for service.

Yes, get it changed. And I’d suggest a Honda dealer to insure that Honda brand fluid is uesd to refill it. Have you changed your coolant? You are overdue for a new timing belt, has it ever been changed? How about brake fluid?

Fluids deteriorate with age and your Civic is getting old. If you plan to keep it 5 or 10 more years you should be prepared for more maintenance work. I had to replace radiator hoses on my '03 Civic and you should consider all hoses and belts need to be changed due to age.

Thanks for the responses. I’ll get it changed - at a dealership.

I had the timing belt and water pump done when I got the car last year.