My clutch is going out


According to a trusted mechanic, my clutch has about a month and then I need to replace it. I need to take a trip that is 12 hours roundtrip with most of it on highway. Will my clutch make it?


Depends on what part of the clutch, is it slipping of is it the throw out bearing ?

If it’s the former, you may not make it, if it’s the latter you might.


It will cost you as much to replace a clutch before the trip as after it.


With the e-brake set hard on, place the transmission in 4th or 5th gear, rev it up a little and let out the clutch as you would at a stop light in 1st gear. The engine should quickly stall. If the clutch slips enough so the engine will NOT stall, fix it now. If the clutch is strong enough to stall the engine, hit the road, you will be fine…

If your clutch is not slipping at all, then your mechanic has no way to make that judgment…