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Transmision on Checy Cavalier

My cavalier will not shift out of 1 gear. Wondering if this was electrical (selnoid) or are we needing to rebuilt.

What year is your Chevrolet? How many miles? has the transmission fluid even been checked? Replaced? Have you had any CEL’s show up (CEL = Check Engine Light).

See if it shifts at 40mph. If so, you’re just missing whatever tells the trans that it’s not at WOT. You didn’t report slippage, just failure to shift. See if it engine brakes in L/1st instead of DRIVE …just to broaden the info base.

No, the 3 speed transmission is not electronic, other than the TCC. Start by checking the TV cable adjustment, it sounds like its way too tight if it is the TV cable causing the problem. If the cable is good, the governor would be the next thing to check. This is usually done with a pressure gauge tapping into the governor oil circuit.